Day 15: 9 December – Bonani

Here are some pics that were taken yesterday morning (please note that these were taken after i made him take off his soaking wet clothes and gave him my hoodie to wear, and after the swelling of his eyes, from the tear gas, had gone down!)…

If you want to call CCID and file a complaint about the way they are treating the children you can contact them at:

Emergency Numbers
  • CCID Security Manager: 082 453 2942
  • CCID Deputy Security Manager: 082 442 2112
  • CCID 24 Hour Number: 082 415 7127
  • SAPS Control Room (Cape Town): 021 467 8002

One Response to Day 15: 9 December – Bonani

  1. Jo says:

    hey, I’d like to lay a complaint, but i need the full detail of the story, what time did this happen? if i remember correctly it was yesterday… please let me know, contact me on… this needs to be heard!

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