two days before…

today after he had been taken for some medical attention…


2 Responses to bonani…

  1. Brown says:

    the amazing thing is how much better he looks in that second picture compared to how he looked this morning!! Thanks for uploading those Clare!!!! Also, i am on Long Street now and apparently the security guard that beat up Bonani told one of the other kids, “Did you see Bonani? Tonight i am going to beat you up like i beat him up if you don’t watch out!”

  2. Anonymous says:

    This kind of abuse is unneseccary and uncalled for, and sickens me to the core of my very being!! Who may I ask, gives these security officers the authority to inflict abusive actions towards these kids?? There would be a hell of an uproar if a bunch of kids ganged up and beat the hell out of the security officers!!!! I sincerely hope that a case has been opened up against the security guard and disciplinary action taken against the CCID for overlooking such behavior of their officers!!

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