Day 12: 6 December – The Mother City

I remember the first time i met you. I was captivated by your personality, drawn by your energy, and wooed by your sense of danger. You are captivating, breathtaking and beautiful, yet have a dark and ugly side. I guess i like the bad girls because your dark side intrigued me. Whilst many come from afar to gaze at your beauty, others come to engage your wild side. You are like no other lady in the world. A mixture of so many things, diverse in qualities and very cultured. You are considered the Mother of all Africa, and have been the gate keeper for many visitors. You are laid back and not in a rush for anything. So slow yet so graceful.

One of the first thing i noticed about you is that you are a mother to runaways. You open yourself to those that society consider to be “strays” and you welcome them whole heartedly. At first glance it seemed as though you really loved and cared for those children; taking them in when no one else would. They seemed to be so happy under your care; so carefree under your supervision. They are mystified by your ways and never want to leave your presence. They become so attached that they often forget about the families they once knew; even their own mothers. You become their mother! They are highly devoted to you and vulnerable in your care. Their lives are in your hands. I thought you loved them.

I thought you loved them. I thought you cared for them. I thought you were so noble and great, taking in and caring for the “least”. But the more time i have spent with you, the more i have gotten to know you. You are not a suitable guardian; in fact, no mother at all. You are a fraud and a child abuser! You identify the vulnerable, hurting and rebellious children and seduce them to you. You convince them that the many others in your care are now their family, and you try to make them forget their pasts, their communities, and their families. Like a true predator you entice them with money, food, services, and drugs. You captivate them by introducing a new, addictive way of life and you hold them as prisoners. That is when you really begin to work on them.

You rape them, beat them and rob them of their innocence. You pimp them out to paedophiles and allow the rich to walk all over them. You brainwash them to think that you are all they have…all they want…all they need. And they believe it. You are abusive beyond belief and are even known to turn on one of your “children”. You have the blood of many children on your hands. But you continue to laugh and smile for the rest of the world. You put on a face, a front. You try and silence those that speak out against your wrongdoings and you reward those that allow you to continue. You suck every second of life you can out of every child you get your hands on. But they love you. They continue to show their devotion to you. They do not wish to leave you.

But I have seen the truth! You are no mother! You are a fraud!


One Response to Day 12: 6 December – The Mother City

  1. Gerda Louw says:

    Hi Rayn

    I spoke to Danny and Linzi about Tuesday…would it be ok with you if we inform the police and authorities and get media? I need your ok before I go ahead.
    My heart is with you and all the children.


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