Day 9: 3 December – Redemption of the Chicken

You know, people that i run into, that know what i am doing, keep asking me how i am doing. They seemed shocked when i say great. Then they ask what day is it and how many left. Today i said, “Day nine. Seven more to go!”. And that is usually followed up by them making a comment about me being glad it is almost over. So they are even MORE shocked when i say that time is flying, and i wish it wasn’t moving so fast and i am not looking all that forward to the end! Insert chin drop here. I guess people expect me to feel and be miserable, which is understandable. But i am not. But i also know that it is a choice; a daily, hourly, minutely, secondly choice! I have learned that us humans really can adapt to any situation, and it can become normal. With a good attitude and determination it does not take long to get into a routine. Being happy, laughing and staying positive in the most miserable situation makes that situation bearable; and not just bearable, but even sometimes fun. It is important to find the humor, joy, hope, and strength in the most desperate situation, and those things are what carries you through safely, coming out a better person on the other side.

Anyway, enough preaching!! So ever since those darn rats ate half of Wise and my chicken, we have been talking and joking about it. We haven’t once “complained”, but have enjoyed telling the story to anyone who will listen. We love laughing about it. So this evening, before i went on my nightly skurrel on Long Street, as i was saying bye to Wise he said, “Ryan…see if you can bring some meat back from Long Street! Ever since those rats ate our chicken all i think about is meat!”. I told him i would bring some back. No pressure, right? So i headed to Long Street with the goal of:

a) getting a whole chicken


b) getting enough money for a chicken

I put my mind to it. Ran around Long Street like the crazy whitey i am, holding a few coins in my hand asking people to donate to my “chicken fund”. And that they did! I sit here with 50 Rand in my pocket and i am about to go buy that chicken! Every story i tell doesn’t have to be dark and scary! It’s OK to have a little fun sometimes too and it is important to stay positive! Now i am going to go eat that chicken!!!!


2 Responses to Day 9: 3 December – Redemption of the Chicken

  1. Anonymous says:

    We as parents are sometimes humbled by our children’s actions and this is definitely the case. By the way, glad you got your chicken!LOVE YOU DAD

  2. Katie says:

    I bet it was the best chicken you ever ate?!!!

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