Day 7: 1 December – Street Karma

I don’t really believe in Karma in its fullest spiritual sense, but i do think the basic foundation principles of Karma do apply in life, and most especially on the streets! You know, “what goes around comes around”, what you give you will receive (whether good or bad), you reap what you sow, and so on. I know this is a basic human philosophy that applies in all of our lives, whether we believe it or not. What you give, whether it is good or bad, will return back to you (sometimes multiplied) in one way or another, in the same spirit in which you gave it. Survival on the streets is one of the rawest examples of this that i have seen.

If you have something today and you share it with others, those others are going to look after you next time they have something. If you do not share what you have, most likely when it comes time for others to share with you, they will not. Likewise, if you are disrespectful and rude to others om the streets, that negativity will come back to you in one way or another; probably on the other side of a knife or a broken bottle. But if you are kind and respectful, people usually meet you in return with mutual respect and kindness.

Today i was at the Waterfront and i saw a kid that goes there to beg for food and money. I actually saw him the other day when i was given KFC and i gave him some on my way out of the Waterfront. So today he came up to me and we chatted for a while. At some point i mentioned being very hungry (because i had not eaten since this morning and the sun was beating down on me) and without hesitation he handed me his shirt he was holding and said, “Wait here! I’ll be right back!!”. Minutes later he returned with a full take-away container of chips (french fries to you Americans) with tomato sauce all over them. My mouth watered at the sight!

We ate together and had great conversation. It was a simple example for me of how what “i gave” the other day came back to me today. I could have easily passed by him the other day and not given to him, because i didn’t even know him then. But i didn’t, and the “street karma” came back in a good way! On a totally different note, i washed in a sink in a restroom in the Waterfront; at least the upper half of my body. It was the first time i have washed in these 7 days! It was SOOOOOOOOOOO refreshing! It is amazing how good a little soap and water can make you feel!! Anyways, i will be back tomorrow to give more insight! Thanks for the continuous support and comments! They are really encouraging and mean a lot out here!!


4 Responses to Day 7: 1 December – Street Karma

  1. ashley (lovell) dalton says:

    glad you continue to be well-fed! thinking of you 🙂

  2. Beth says:

    You never explained about the rats….especially the one up your pant leg. Yikes!

  3. Katie says:

    Wow Ryan. Your blogs are amazing. And awakening. I can’t even begin to imagine how your ‘bird bath’ as my son calls them, must have felt to you. God’s Blessings on you Ryan! Stay strong. And by the way, I’m praying for your Mama too!

  4. Tom says:

    Ryan, I am blessed bro by what you are going through and writing about. I have told some of my co-workers and they are also reading your blog. Keep well. I am praying for you.

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