Day 4: 28 November (evening)

Today was a really nice day…after i got over the whole diarrhea thing! I went to Crippie (the soup kitchen) and hung out there for most of the morning. One thing i have noticed is how much the other street youth, and adults for that matter, enjoy having me around. Though I have felt close to them for the past eight years, this experience is bringing me closer than words can explain. Each and every day i am reminded of the fact that they truly are my family; whether it is through a smile, a gift of some sort (usually coffee or coke), encouraging words telling me they believe in what i am doing, or just quality conversations. Before i would have these types of experiences but then return to my home. Now, i am here…all the time!

I don’t really have all that much to say tonight. But i am doing good, and feel absolutely privileged to be in the place that i am! Crippie is closed for the weekend so we will see what tomorrow and Sunday bring!


One Response to Day 4: 28 November (evening)

  1. wanga says:

    remarkable that you’ve ended the day feeling so good in spite of how the day started out -i would have been really upset about the rats eating my food, and then the diarheoa -u’re taking everything in your stride Hero! uYesu akusikelele!

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