Day 2: 26 November (evening)

Well it was a LONG day!!! i don’t think have have woke up that early in a while! And i had quite a few hours to kill before breakfast at 9:00. It was great meeting up with everybody at “Crippie” (the soup kitchen in St Georges Cathedral). I had some stew and it was really good! As the day went on i walked around and visited with different people. I didn’t have any money today, and the reality of not being able to just go and buy a Coke weighed heavy on my head!! Yes, i am in addict! But fortunately i ran into Shane on the Grand Parade and he bought a 300 Ml Coke that we shared. I think the guys know i love Coke more than food! Wise Guy bought me one last night!

Anyways, i had to go to Beth Uriel for my regular Wednesday meeting with two young guys i work with. Gerald from Homestead offered to give me a lift there this morning when he popped into Crippie I was thankful because my feet are pretty sore!! i wore some old shoes and half of the sole fell out on the way from my flat to the Muizenberg train station. Now my left foot is cooked when i walk and it hurts pretty bad. I will have to see what i can do about another pair of shoes! By the end of the day i had not eaten anything and was starting to get a little light headed. I had also not had a chance to make any money so i didn’t know what i was going to do. Fortunately, the big dudes, that used to be laaities (kids) are looking after me and Stan gave me ten rand to buy some food. They are really taking care of me out here!

But it is yet again a harsh reminder of the children that come to the streets without that kind of care and protection from others. The streets are not a place for children! I have known that, but each and every minute i “live” here, i see it more and more!!!


3 Responses to Day 2: 26 November (evening)

  1. MylifE says:

    Ryan, my heart is with you. We were donated shoes today, please pop pass the office and grab a pair – 5 Maynard Street, ask Tikkie to bring you up to us. We also have lovely Ricoffy, we are the NGO sector after all, and lots of love for you.

  2. Ulrika says:

    Seeing the life on the streets through your eyes make me wonder how we can ever justify to coming generations that we allowed children to grow up like that. Thank you for doing what you are doing Ryan,not only being a voice for those not many will listen to but showing the world what those children (and grown ups) are facing daily!

  3. Sara Beth says:

    praying for your safety today. Also that God would use this mightily.
    sara beth

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