Here i sit. In front of my computer in my comfortable flat. Typing on my very own computer. Drinking some refreshing Coke. About to climb in my soft bed, under my warm blankets, and sleep. When i wake up tomorrow i have to leave all of this and head to the streets. I must say i am really looking forward to the next 16 days, but at the same time i am VERY aware of the very REAL realities of “street life”. So i am going to get one more good night’s sleep and i will let you know how tomorrow goes…tomorrow!


4 Responses to Tomorrow

  1. MylifE says:

    see you on the streets ryan, thank you for your courage to create this understanding with society. we are all with you xx

  2. Mixwell says:

    yes thats true.. i guess a lot peops got your back on this one and watchin ur trip.i´ll try 2 bring more peops in here.i am mixwell, a well knowin dj from germany and mylife ambassador and i´ll post a bullit on myspace.wish u a good start..take care & c u here tmorrow.

  3. Christina G says:

    good luck ryan. sending some positive energy your way from the States.
    take care & be safe,

  4. Jaco Slabbert says:

    Yo, Ryan!

    Much love and fortune to you for the 16 days ahead. Hoping this will force the eyes of society open some more!

    Rock on!

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