Free T-Shirt Results

Alright! Thank you to all who supported by making comments on the T-shirt post! Here are the official results of the first 20 people who posted comments:
1 John Dalton
2 Eli Anderson
3 Chad Clendinen
4 Daisha Versaw (mama D)
5 Quinton Lavery
6 Katy Kudry
7 Taffie Tamba
8 Kyle Fuller
9 Rebecca Huddleston
10 Leslie Savage
11 Katie Sanning
12 Brandy Hensley
13 Christina Gardner
14 Eric Anderson
15 Gerald Jacobs
16 Johanna Williams
17 Sandi Muranda
18 Alex Conner
19 Stephen Richardson
20 Janina Halbauer

Ok, so those are the people with quick trigger fingers that will be receiving free 365 Days of Activism shirts in the mail! I will send them out first thing on Monday! For those of you that were too late, don’t fret! I do have some more shirts. Contact me by email But remember if you don’t contact me before Tuesday, i will not be able to get back to you until after the 10th of December! Thanks again for all who participated!! Please help continue to spread the word!!!


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