I’m Watching You!

So, i was walking on Long Street this morning, preparing some things for next week, when i passed by the flat of a known paedophile. He is know very well by the kids, and therefore known by be, and has even been to court a few times for his deeds. His name is Ben. So i walked past the road to his flat, as i often do, and thought about how justice was never really served because he still roams the streets, and continues with his ways. Then, low and behold, who do i see LITERALLY roaming the streets…BEN!

He was walking down to the corner, just past Kennedy’s Cigar Bar. He came to the corner, stopped, looked down the road, didn’t see what, or maybe “who”, he was looking for and turned to head back to his flat. I am sure he was looking for one of the kids. I have no proof though. He was dressed in his pajamas. Did i mention he is retired and really old?

So i crossed the street and walked behind him. I followed him all the way back to his flat. I could tell he sensed my presence, though it didn’t take Sherlock Holmes because i was walking a few inches behind him, as he did that look back but don’t really look back thing that people do when they think they are being followed, or REALLY being followed! Anyways, i followed him to his doorstep, that is when he turned around and saw me. His face showed some sort of recognition (we both appeared in a couple of Special Assignment episodes: me speaking out against pedophilia amongst street children and a clip of him getting whacked in the head with a protesters sign outside of one of his court cases) and he tried to cover up his nervousness by greeting and saying “good morning”.

I nodded, watched him go into his house, and just wanted to leave him with the feeling of “being watched”. I know, sounds a bit psycho-obsessive-stalkerish, but these guys that sexual abuse these kids and get away with it make me sick!!! If justice is not served in court, i at least want them to feel as though someone, somewhere, even if it is only sometimes, is watching them and sees the things they do! So Ben…and all those like you…i AM watching you!

Oh, and for 16 days (25th November – 10th December) i will be camped outside your doorsteps!!! See you there!!!


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