16 Days and Beyond

So, I started this blog as a platform to be able to post daily updates throughout my time living on the streets, during the 16 Days of Activism. I called it “365 Days of Activism” because I feel that our “activism” against violence towards women and children, or any cause for that matter, should not be bound to 16 days, but should rather be year-round! Then I got to thinking about what a powerful tool this blog could be; to feature different “activists” I know who are involved in all sorts of different kinds of “activism”. So during the 16 Days (25 November – 10 December), I will be using this blog to give everyone day-to-day updates, but after that, this blog will remain. It will be a place to read about the experiences and messages of activism in many size, shape and forms, and to be inspired by these “activists”; young and old, all different races, from all walks of life.

I have hand-picked people that I think are very inspiring people, with equally inspiring messages and experiences to share with the world. The youngest blogger is an eight-year-old with a passion to cure diabetes, and the oldest is…cough…cough (we will just keep that a secret for now). As I said, they come from all walks of life; DJ’s, pastors, a teachers, social workers, a Stanford law student, just to name a few. But they all share a passion for what they do, and a passion to see change come in their sector, in their own unique way. Make sure to subscribe, become a follower, or whatever else you can do to keep up with what’s going on with this group of activists, located all over the world!


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